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Video Conferencing

LifeSize® provides a complete range of high definition video communications solutions that use advanced technology to deliver a true telepresence experience. Across LifeSize’s product portfolio, the one feature that doesn’t change is the quality of the experience

LifeSize® ClearSea™

Experience universal video conferencing with true mobility — anyone, anywhere, now on any device. LifeSize ClearSea connects users to any standards-based video system or infrastructure solution from a PC or Mac, Android or iOS mobile device.

LifeSize® Connections™

LifeSize Connections unlocks the power, productivity and quality of HD video collaboration for businesses of all sizes, making it easy to work face to face with anyone, anywhere.

LifeSize® Softphone™

Enable remote and mobile PC and Mac users to work collaboratively in a completely secure environment with LifeSize Softphone — the most advanced stand-alone desktop software for professional quality video conferencing.

LifeSize® Passport Connect™

Accelerate universal video collaboration for remote workers with HD video systems optimized for cloud-based solutions. An intuitive UI with name-based directory and search simplify the user experience.

Changing the World of HD Communication

As the pioneer of high definition video communications, LifeSize® understands how companies connect. We’ve learned that top quality communication is crucial for businesses of all sizes. But if interaction isn’t cost-efficient, it simply isn’t an option for any but the largest of businesses.

Small Doesn’t Mean Local: Today’s SMBs

There are over 230 thousand small and medium businesses in the U.S. who export globally. Even more have offices in multiple locations. Most of these companies do not have the resources to take trips, regardless of whether business travel is deemed “necessary.” For them, a technological solution is the only answer.

However, the video conferencing available to small and medium businesses in the past has been more painful than productive. Poor audio and video quality and less than optimal bandwidth has been distracting – a far cry from the HD solutions available to the large organizations with deeper pockets.

HD for Everyone

LifeSize didn’t only introduce the world to HD video communications; with LifeSize® Passport™, LifeSize® Passport Connect™, and LifeSize® Connections™, we’ve brought telepresence to the remote worker and home office. Together, LifeSize Passport Connect and LifeSize Connections deliver a revolutionary cloud-optimized video collaboration experience that keeps remote workers, teleworkers or road warriors connected with meeting rooms in a simple-to-use, simple-to-deploy video collaboration solution. Not only are LifeSize solutions affordable, they leverage existing networks so that other factors don’t add to cost. With the surprisingly affordable LifeSize® Express™ in small conference rooms and LifeSize Passport, LifeSize Passport Connect, LifeSize Connections, LGExecutive powered by LifeSize®, or LifeSize® Desktop™ at personal office locations, our customers have access to:

  • The first dual display HD video and content priced for broad deployment, costing more than 50% less than comparable systems from other vendors.
  • A superior HD quality of experience at just 1Mbps – well within the range of even some home office networks.
  • Support for more than 50 resolutions, offering the best quality at any bandwidth, not to mention unmatched interoperability.