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Computer Systems and Peripherals

Computer Systems and Peripherals


With so many products and services available from so many
technology companies, you want solid reasons to select
one set of solutions over another. At Brighten we help you acquire the right computer system and/or peripheral that that'll best fit your business needs. 


Why buy from us?

We give you a single point of accountability and direct access to resources for meeting your needs, not just access to a list of products. We provide you industry-standard technology, supplying relevant, high-value products and services through extensive research and development from an entire industry, not just from a single company.


We build to order, so your solution is really just that — an answer to your specific need when you need it. Our way of business allows us to be your low-cost leader, with the latest technologies that matter to you, an excellent customer experience and sustained low prices.


Your satisfaction is our gauge of success. We’re not doing our job unless working with us is everything you could want. We constantly draw on our direct, one-on-one customer relationships to improve your experience.​


We’re committed to bringing you the best value

In pursuit of bringing you the best value, we work hard to balance several different issues. We aren’t just interested in lower prices, but also in high-performance, solid reliability and anyway we can give you more for your money.


We integrate hardware, software, and peripherals into your solution in the factory. You get the latest technology fast, without expensive stops along the way.


You face a wide range of challenges, so we have a wide range of notebook, desktop, workstation, server and peripheral solutions across a spectrum of performance and price points. But your needs don’t stop there, and neither does our product and service selection. 


We're your one-stop resource for systems, software, and peripherals. We literally think outside the box. We know you need nothing less than complete solutions, and that might mean some components need to be plugged in or loaded on. We make finding the best system, software, and peripherals for the best price easy.


We have the latest technology. And it is relevant to you. There’s a difference between technology’s leading edge and its bleeding edge. That difference is the pain that you might feel. Too often the high-tech industry produces technologies that don’t perform as promised. We only sell technology that performs as proven.


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