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Internet & Network Security 

Internet & Network Security



Automation has become a key in conducting business. It offers faster and more efficient business as it cuts operation expenses due to the use of software and online tools. The only challenge with this setting is network or internet security. Improper or unsafe use of online and network tools or even apps and software can allow malware and virus to damage the business’ programs and data or worst, the servers. It can also lead to phishing or fraud during information exchange, so the need to encrypt and establish measures and rules from internet attacks has become a requirement these days. This calls for comprehensive security solutions specifically designed for SMB, which will protect company networks from any possible malicious activities



How does it work?


Internet and security providers take care of everything, from the identification of possible threats up to the setting up of our comprehensive from-the-ground-up engineering solutions to protect data during transfer and other applications. We recognize threats including:


  • Malicious software that can come from those that have been downloaded from the internet or even those that comes in disc forms. There are different forms of this malicious software including spyware, Trojan horses, viruses, and worms.

  • Denial-of-service attacks or DoS Attack that prevent users from gaining access to computer resources. This is also known by another name, distributed denial-of-service attack or DDoS attack).

  • Phishing to gain trust and eventually get their hands on other people’s information, usually financial to their advantage.

  • Application vulnerabilities that can allow hackers to take advantage of the authentication check flaws of networks and takeover of their computers.


The Internet and network security is the only defense for people who are using the internet for business. And we provide comprehensive security solutions from top vendors in the industry.

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